Amsterdam 1768 – 1839 Rome

Dune Landscape with Mother and Child

Black chalk, pen and brush in gray, brown and gray wash
Signed and dated on verso: H: Voogd fecit / 1788
33.7 x 47.5 cm

John McGouan (Lugt 1496, verso); Scottish noble family.

This drawing, signed and dated 1788, was made shortly before Voogd left for Rome with the support of his patron Dirk Versteegh. In Italy he would become a very successful artist. Adriaan van der Wilggen, a contemporary biographer of Dutch artists who visited Voogd in Rome in 1805, recorded that he was known at the time as the ‘Dutch Claude Lorrain’. In 1816 he became an honorable member of the Academia di San Luca, an honor only a few foreign artists merited. Most of Voogd’s drawings were done directly from nature, but although this drawing has the charm of a natural scene, it is presumably a studio work. In general, highly finished drawings of this size are rare in Voogd’s oeuvre. A comparable drawing, similar in size and technique, can be found in the print room of the Teylers Museum.

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