Haarlem 1610 – 1685 Haarlem

The Woman spinning, 1652

Etching and drypoint
Signed and dated in the plate: Av Ostade 1652
Indistinct countermark
14.9 x 18.4 cm, with wide margin all around

Bartsch 31, Hollstein 31, Godefroy 31/III (VII) ‘Very Rare’.

During a period of more than five decades Adriaen van Ostade made fifty plates, making him one of the most productive and celebrated printmakers of the Dutch Golden Age. Like Rembrandt, he would often rework the plates through different states, as was the case with this highly elaborated print. Although the scene looks like it was taken from daily life, it has been suggested that the opposition of the spinning woman and the lazy peasant standing next her are intended to praise the virtue of industry, which would give the subject an underlying moral meaning.

Strong and even impression with a light plate tone, ample margin and in a very good condition. Such a fine impression of an early state is difficult to find.

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